• Similar to other districts, we will be utilizing a remote learning model for summer school in order to help preserve and protect the health and safety of our students, staff and families.

    We will not be able to offer Math Camp, Tech Camp, drivers education, or SIRS 2 and 3 in conjunction with this model because there are certain aspects of these camps (e.g., student collaboration and resource utilization) that cannot be replicated virtually. Anyone who signed up for these courses will receive a full refund.

    While we anticipate being able to administer most of our other summer school courses remotely, the final decision about what we offer will be based on registration numbers. If we need to cancel courses due to low enrollment, we will issue full refunds to any families that signed up for them.

    We have extended the registration deadline for summer school until April 30. You can access the link for registration by visiting https://d86.hinsdale86.org/summer. It is critical for people who are taking part in summer school to register by the deadline so we know what courses we will be offering based on student enrollment.

    We will be sending a detailed update about our remote learning plan for summer school in the days ahead. This update will cover topics such as schedule, access to technology, etc. In the meantime, if you have questions about our summer programming, please contact our summer school principals (Sue Grady, 630-570-8091, sgrady@hinsdale86.org; Sarah Porod, 630-570-8245, sporod@hinsdale86.org).