• Strategic Plan Goal 1 - Student Growth and Achievement
    On Dec, 12, 2019, Principals Walsh and Pokorny Lyp, who are the building champions for Goal 1 of the district’s strategic plan, provided the board with a brief update regarding the work being done in conjunction with the curriculum alignment process. Below is the information they shared during this update.

    • During the Flexible Learning Day on Jan. 29, the teachers will study the research of Alex Bowers and Ken O’Connor in conjunction with the work they are doing on grading and assessment practices. The ultimate goal of this work is to create a standard grading and reporting philosophy for the district.
    • In November, both principals were part of a team from the district that visited Huntley High School to see its blended learning program in action. Dave Lapetino, who is the district's instructional innovation coordinator, will provide the board with an update about blended learning in D86 at a future meeting.
    • The assistant principals for curriculum and instruction and the department chairs for math will be meeting during the week of Dec. 15 to begin discussing the process of aligning the district's math courses and to determine the makeup of the team that will lead the work starting after winter break.
    • The teachers who are on the curriculum writing team for physics have completed drafts of half their learning units for next year. It is with this work in mind that we want to share with the community that Physics in the Universe is the name we are using internally to describe the course. Most of the content that will be taught to our students is the same as a traditional physics course. In addition, physics is the course name that will appear on student transcripts.
    • The science team is scheduled to meet again on Jan. 14 and 15. During these two days, the members of the team will work with the chairs from the math department to ensure there is alignment between physics and Algebra 1. They will also review and discuss the feedback the district received from students and community members regarding science electives that fall outside of the PCB sequence. The board will receive an update on Jan. 23 about the topics the team discussed and the work it completed during its meeting.