• Strategic Plan Goal 3: Work Environment

    On Dec. 12, 2019, Dominick Maniscalco, who is the chief human resources officer for the district and the champion for Goal 3 of the strategic plan, provided the board with a brief update on the status of his team's efforts to date. This update included information about the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) the team will use to measure and assess progress on its goal, which is to ensure that systems promote staff engagement, collaboration, innovation, satisfaction and accountability. These KPIs include:

    • Recruit, hire and retain highly-qualified applicants
          1. Percent of staff returning to the district annually
          2. Number of applicants identified by demographics for recruitment efforts each semester
          3. Percent of staff holding multiple content areas of state certifications each semester
          4. Number of staff holding National Board Certification each semester
    • Staff satisfaction
          1. Percentage of staff participating in the 5Essentials survey on an annual basis
          2. Composite Essentials survey results on an annual basis for satisfaction with Effective Leaders
          3. Composite 5Essentials survey results on an annual basis for satisfaction with Collaborative Teachers
    • Opportunities for staff voice
          1. Staff ratings on the Yale Climate Walkthrough Tool each semester
          2. Teacher professional development evaluations
          3. Team effectiveness survey results
          4. Exit interviews

    Maniscalco also shared information about what the team has already done and/or will be doing to advance its strategies, including:

    • Strategy 7 (Staff Engagement)
          1. What has been done - survey results from staff events (open enrollment and Wellness Fair/flu shots); recruited team members for the Culture and Equity Leadership Team (CELT)
          2. Next steps - first CELT team meeting in February; plan next steps; continue to collect staff satisfaction data
    • Strategy 8 (Staff Voice, Growth and Progress Monitoring)
          1. What has been done - surveys; work with user groups (Superintendent's Roundtable, non-union staff and labor/management meetings); longevity bonuses for non-union staff who complete professional development
          2. Next steps - continue meeting with user groups; planning next steps; track/report staff satisfaction and employee evaluation data