• Strategic Plan Goal 2: Learning Environment 
    On Oct. 23, 2019, members of the team who are working on Goal 2 of the district’s strategic plan provided the Board with a brief update on the status of their efforts to date. This update included information about the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they will use to measure and assess progress on their goal, which is to ensure that the learning environment promotes student well-being. These KPIs include:

    • Student attendance
    • Pre- and post-assessment for RULER
    • Opportunities for student voice
    • Student behavior
    • Student engagement in class
    • Student participation in co-curricular activities

    They also shared information about some of the next steps they will be taking to advance their three strategies, including:

    • Strategy 4 (Calendar and School Day) - Contact other schools to get information about their schedules and calendars; study research about topics such as start times for school, adolescent sleep and block scheduling.
    • Strategy 5 (Student Involvement in Decisions) - Interview students and review the 5Essentials data; identify and talk to people who are experts in student involvement.
    • Strategy 6 (Providing SEL and limiting stress) - Maintain a continuous improvement process for the implementation of RULER; prepare for the integration of SEL into the curriculum alignment; network with SEL high school cohort and sender schools.