• Submit Residency Verification Documentation by June 13, 2019


     1. Residency


    Deadline to Submit Residency Verification Documentation is June 13, 2019

    If your student’s residency has not been verified for the 2020 school year and you have not submitted the required residency documentation, please check your email for a communication from noreplyregistration@powerschool.com, which contains your student’s unique snapcode. All required residency documentation should be submitted by June 13, 2019. Residency documentation received after June 13, may delay the online registration process and the release of your student’s schedule.

    Residency must be verified prior to registration.

     2. Registration

    In July, designated custodial guardians of students whose residency is verified, will receive an email invitation to complete Online Registration.
    Registration must be completed for your student’s schedule to become active.
     3. Fees & Textbooks
    For registered students, 2019-2020 fees will be activated in PushCoin and 2019-2020 textbooks will be available on the MBS website.
     Schedules & Attendance 
    Schedules Dropped
    Students whose residency has not been verified or whose online registration is incomplete on July 26 2019 will be made inactive and their schedule will be dropped.

    Exclusion from Attendance
    Proof of immunization and physical examination should be submitted to the Health Services Office prior to July 15th for processing. Students who have not submitted proof of immunization and physical examination before the first day of school will be excluded from school on the first attendance day until the requirements have been completed. School absences due to non-compliance with the School Code of Illinois requirements for immunization and physical examination are considered unexcused.