• How will this impact my individual taxes?

  • How much will this tax increase cost me?

  • Does the tax calculator include the total cost of the bond, including interest?

  • Is this a permanent rate increase or will it expire after set number of years?

  • When would I see the impact on my tax bill?

  • What is the District’s current tax rate and how does it compare to other districts?

  • How does the tax levy work?

  • What is PTELL?

  • What is DSEB?

  • Don't my tax dollars go to the school in my attendance area?


  • What is the amount of the referendum on the April ballot?

  • When is the last time the District 86 voters passed a referendum?

  • What is the total cost of the April 2, 2019 referendum including interest?

  • What is the cost of each individual project of the MFP?

  • Does the tax calculator include the total cost of the bonds, including interest?

  • What is the interest rate on the bonds?

  • Can the District issue bonds up to any amount for Life Safety items?

  • When would the bonds be sold?


  • What is the D86 Operational Expense Per Pupil (OEPP)?

  • Why doesn’t the Board save money for big projects like I do in my household budget?

  • How do I know the District is being a good financial steward of my tax dollars?

  • Is the District being transparent?


  • I heard the Board made cuts to activities and athletics, is this true?

  • What are the cuts the Board made December 17?

  • Has the Board looked at or made any other cuts before December 17?