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    Below is a tax calculator that will compute the tax impact per household of the $139 million referendum for facilities. Note that the estimated annual tax impact calculation includes principal and interest. 

    Type your information in the boxes outlined in green. Be sure to press "Enter" while the cursor is still inside the box or press the calculate button. Do not use commas when entering home value numbers.

    Information entered is not submitted to or retained by District 86.

Hinsdale District 86 - Tax Calculator for Proposed $139,815,983 Referendum Bonds
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Est. 2017 Fair Market Value $500000   Answer the above questions in the GREEN box and press enter
Total Assessed Value* $166666.67  
Estimated Multiplier 1.0000  
Homestead Exemption $6000  
Returning Veterans Homestead Exemption $0  
Disabled Person's Exemption $0  
Sr. Citizen Exemption $0  
Net Equalized Assessed Value $160666.67  
Projected B&I Tax Rate Increase for Proposed Referendum Bonds Net Equalized Assessed Value Estimated Bond Portion Increase on Tax Bills Paid in 2020
0.17606074 $160666.67 $282.87
Estimated Impact per $10 Million of Bonds:
$ 20.24
This calculator is intended to provide an estimate of the increase in real property taxes on a parcel of property located within the Hinsdale Township High School District No. 86 boundaries in DuPage or Cook Counties, assuming the passage of a successful bond referendum at the April 2, 2019 election. The information provided should not be relied upon as a definitive determination of a real property tax increase. This calculator does not calculate the entire real property tax bill for a parcel of property as it does not include taxes to be paid to other local governments (e.g. Cook or DuPage County). The actual increase in real property taxes will vary based on the final tax rates of various taxing bodies, changes in the assessed values for both the individual property owner and the school district's boundaries as a whole, changes in law and other factors. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the accuracy of the data or calculations provided by the calculator.

*Total assessed value for Cook County resident based on the 2017 equalization factor of 2.9627.