• Transition Services Offered through D86


    Transition Center Programs

    Programs support employment / training, independent living skills, and community integration.
    • Community Based Learning:  Vocational training opportunities in real-life community settings supported through Vocational Supervisor and Paraeducator on-site support.
    • Community Based Instruction:  Community integration activities such as:  restaurants, grocery shopping, transportation, YMCA, social/recreation, volunteering.
    • Money Management:  Banking and budgeting, price comparison, shopping, apartment hunting and understanding paychecks.
    • Technology:  use of email, apps, iPads, computers, etc.
    • Self-Determination :  understanding disability, advocating to get needs met, recognizing strengths and challenges, and setting goals.
    • Independent Living Skills:  Cooking, laundry, meal planning, hygiene.
    • Related Services:  Speech, Social Work, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy all push-in across curriculum.  Additional pull-out as indicated through IEP.
    Bridge Programs

    The Bridge programs look to provide young adults with continued special education intervention, services, and supports designed to increase student success in postsecondary academic environments. Dual enrollment program with the College of Dupage that provides:

    • Executive Functioning:  managing schedule, managing course expectations and deadlines, managing testing schedule, managing assignments;

    • COD Campus:  navigating COD campus, locating offices, locating classes, locating sites such as: library, cafeteria, student center, counseling, academic support centers;

    • Advocating and Arranging Accommodations and Supports:  making appointments with office of accommodations, use of “blue card”, communication of needs with professors, making appointments with:  tutoring, writing center, testing center, etc.;

    • Socialization: finding opportunities to socially engage with peers, signing up for social opportunities;

    • College Mindfulness: Individual and group opportunities with licensed social worker designed to integrate mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills as they relate to every day college expectations.

    • Academic Intervention:  continued opportunity and exposure to programs and interventions designed to increase academic skills necessary for accredited college coursework.

    Be sure to check out the District 86 Transition Program Website for more information:

    D86 Transition Programs Weblink

    Important to note:
    Receiving transition services is customized based on student need and may look very different from one student to the next.
    Also, transition services DOES NOT mean student must stay until day before 22nd birthday.  Again, this varies student to student based on their need and progress toward reaching their post-secondary outcomes.