• What is EXCEL?

    Excel is an academic support program where students meet in a structured environment to receive tutorial assistance in core academic areas.  As a part of the Excel curricula, students learn Executive Function skills including organization, study skills, and time management.  In addition to ACT prep, students are also shown how to study for classes and prepare for tests.  As a result, students are required to use a Student Planner.  The Excel staff members consult with classroom teachers and parents to help improve each student’s achievement in courses.  A .5 credit is earned per semester for successful preparation in this program.

    By the end of this class, you will be able to:

    • Independently identify and implement various study skills
    • Utilize various test-taking strategies
    • ACT Prep
    • Math and Science skills
    • English and Reading strategies
    • Interviewing skills for post-secondary goals
    • Use your Student Planner
    • Track your grades and incomplete assignments
    • Organize your belongings including binders and backpacks
    • Understand what it means to be Accountable, Respectful and Engaged

    Student Expectations

    All students are expected to participate fully in all aspects of the program and must earn 70% to pass. This includes the use of the student planner, completing assignments within the Skills for School Success curriculum, and compliance with the school wide ARE Behavior guidelines. Students will also access their grades weekly and initiate contact with their teachers about missing assignments, meeting deadlines, and overall performance.