• FAQ's

    Q. What if I don’t know my student’s PushCoin registration code?

    1. Your student’s unique PushCoin Registration Code was sent to you with your Technology Fee refund letter. If you have misplaced it, you can fund your student’s account using the Find a Student function and entering school, name, birthdate, and student ID. If you cannot locate the Registration Code, note that you must use the email address you have on file in the student information system.

    Q. What if I have more than one student?

    1. Each student has their own, individual PushCoin wallet. As the parent or guardian, you can link all of your students’ accounts to your parent account for easy monitoring and funding.

    Q. What if I don't want to receive my student's daily purchase receipts?

    1. You can configure your notification preferences under the Settings tab after logging in to your PushCoin account.

    Q. Can students share a PushCoin Wallet?

    1. No, each student must have their own PushCoin wallet.

    Q. How do I know my financial information and/or the money in my PushCoin wallet is secure?

    1. All PushCoin credit card and eCheck transactions are processed by a third party PCI compliant credit card processor. More information on PushCoin platform security can be found at http://knowhow.pushcoin.com/security-reliability-user-privacy-measures-faq/.

    Q. Why can’t I pay with a check in the cafeteria?

    1. Cafeteria personnel cannot process manual deposits into PushCoin. Only cash and payment through PushCoin using the student ID card will be accepted in the cafeteria. If you send a check with your student to school, your student must deposit the check into PushCoin at the bookstore.

    Q. What if my student qualifies for free or reduced-price lunch?

    1. If your student qualifies for free or reduced-price lunch, your student will pay by showing the student ID card and PushCoin will automatically apply the discount to your student’s purchase.

    Q. What happens if I forget to add funds to my student's PushCoin wallet?

    1. By linking your parent account to your student’s account now, you will receive notifications about account balance information. Each student will be allowed to drop to a maximum negative balance of -$5.00. This will allow students to purchase one lunch before the account is disabled due to lack of funds.

    Q. What if I don’t want to pay the 3.0% credit or debit card processing fee?

    1. You can avoid paying the 3.0% card processing fee by paying with an electronic check from your checking account (eCheck) online. The fee goes directly to the card processor; District 86 does not make any money on this fee.

    Q. What happens to the money in my student’s MealTime account?

    1. All fund balances as of 5 p.m., Thursday, December 22, 2016, will be transferred over to your student’s PushCoin wallet.

    Q. When can I fund my student’s PushCoin Wallet?

    1. As soon as you link your parent account to your student’s account.

    Q. When can my student start using funds from the PushCoin Wallet?

    1. As soon as your student is enrolled in District 86 and you have set up your PushCoin Wallet.

    Q. What if I have more questions about PushCoin?

    1. If you have questions about your PushCoin account, you should contact PushCoin by phone at (800) 381-9917 or by email at ask@pushcoin.com.