• Policies and Procedures for Summer School*


    ABSENCES/TARDIES: Absence and tardy policies are in effect on the first day of summer school. Because of the compacted and accelerated nature of the program, it is vital that students attend class every day. Only two absences for any reason are permitted during each semester. Any student who is absent from three classes per course per semester, regardless of the reason, will forfeit the credit and all fees. Make arrangements to schedule camps, family vacations, and all trips so that they do not conflict with the summer school schedule. There are no exceptions to the absence policy. If illness occurs, a parent must call before 10:30 a.m. on the day the student is absent.

    Students may not be tardy more than four times. Make arrangements to arrive at summer school each day on time to ensure prompt attendance in class. Any student who is tardy at the beginning of class or after break more than four times per course will be dropped, will not receive credit for the course, and will forfeit all fees. There are no exceptions to the tardy policy. Any combination of absences and tardies that exceeds two days will result in the student being dropped from the course with no refund.

    AUDIT: Audits are only allowed in cases where the class is not mandatory for graduation. Students who want to audit a class must complete the appropriate form in the summer school office by the end of the fifth day of each semester.

    COURSE AVAILABILITY: All courses will be offered on the basis of sufficient enrollment and staff availability. Preference will be given to students who reside in District 86 boundaries over registrants who live outside the district. A minimum number of students are required in order to run a course. If there is not sufficient enrollment, the course may be cancelled as late as June 4, 2020.

    COURSE CREDIT: Summer school offers semester and full year courses. The first semester of all full year courses will only be offered during the first semester session of summer school and the second semester of all full year courses will only be offered during the second semester session of summer school. A student needs to take both semesters of a full year course in order to earn credit, unless the student is repeating a failed semester.

    DRESS CODE: Students’ dress and grooming will not be disruptive to the educational process. Clothes or jewelry that disrupt/offend others include see-through clothing, midriff or halter tops, headwear, lewd references on apparel, drug, alcohol, or tobacco insignias are not permitted. Shoes must be worn at all times. Jackets and coats (outerwear) are not permitted.

    BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS/DISCIPLINE: The same rules and regulations in effect during the school year are in effect during summer school. Those rules include, but are not limited to, the following. Disciplinary action and/or dismissal from summer school will result if a student:

    • Harms, or threatens to harm, a student or employee of the school district. This includes fighting.
    • Breaks into the school building (or attempts to) or enters a restricted area without permission.
    • Takes or is in possession of property that belongs to another person or to the Hinsdale District 86.
    • Is in possession of, or uses explosives, guns, knives, other weapons, or look-a-like weapons.
    • Sells, distributes, uses, has or is under the influence of illegal drugs (including look- alikes), controlled substances, associated paraphernalia or alcoholic beverages.
    • Uses tobacco products or smoking materials anywhere on school property or on school buses, or carries tobacco products on his/her person, purse, wallet, etc. while in the school building. Students in possession of tobacco will also receive a citation from the local police department and be immediately dropped from class.
    • Loiters on school premises.
    • Causes a false fire alarm.
    • Is off campus, is outside of the building, or is in an unauthorized area.
    • Tampers with computer equipment or copyrighted software programs or makes unauthorized access.
    • Uses vulgar language/gestures or engages in lewd, lascivious, or obscene conduct or behavior.
    • Engages in verbal, physical or written sexual harassment.
    • Engages in conduct which disrupts the educational process or interferes with the rights of others.
    • Engages in gang behavior, including the wearing of gang symbols and paraphernalia.
    • Is insubordinate to any member of the school staff.
    • Is using a cell phone or electronic device during restricted class times (these devices are allowed before and after the summer school day and during breaks).
    • Is using a personal audio device during restricted classes (these are allowed before and after summer school day and during breaks).

    In cases pertaining to tobacco use, truancy, excessive tardiness, controlled substance or alcohol abuse, and acts of gross misconduct or gross insubordination, a student may be dismissed from summer school immediately. Dismissal from summer school means forfeiture of credit and fees.

    *Summer School policies and procedures may be amended during the summer term without notice.