• Sancken


    Kerin Sancken

    Mathematics Department Chair

    Phone: (630) 468-4420

    Fax: (630) 468-4421

    Email: ksancken@hinsdale86.org



    Teresa Bruns

    Administrative Assistant

    Phone: (630) 468-4501

    Fax: (630) 468-4421

    Email: tbruns@hinsdale86.org



  • Our mission is to develop in our students the mathematical abilities they will need to become problem solvers, productive citizens and lifelong learners.  We are committed to providing curriculum, instruction, and assessment which will actively involve students in constructing and applying mathematical ideas to solve problems and enable students to express the mathematical connections in the world around us with algebraic, geometric, or numeric representations.

  • Staff Directory

    Last Name First Name Email Phone Department Building
    BRUNS TERESA tbruns@hinsdale86.org 6304684501 Mathematics South
    CAZZATO RICK rcazzato@hinsdale86.org 6304684429 Mathematics South
    GILBERT JENNIFER jgilbert@hinsdale86.org 6304684435 Mathematics South
    JOHNSON KIMBERLY kjohnson@hinsdale86.org 6304684427 Mathematics South
    LAPINSKI KRISTIN klapinsk@hinsdale86.org 6304684436 Mathematics South
    LODL CHERIE clodl@hinsdale86.org 6304684394 Mathematics South
    MIUCCIO ALEXANDRA amiuccio@hinsdale86.org 6304684421 Mathematics South
    NODELMAN COLLEEN cnodelma@hinsdale86.org 6304684233 Mathematics South
    RICHERSON JOHN jrichers@hinsdale86.org 6304684448 Mathematics South
    SANCKEN KERIN ksancken@hinsdale86.org 6304684420 Mathematics South
    SCHLAMANN JOHN jschlama@hinsdale86.org 6304684433 Mathematics South
    SERNA EUGENE eserna@hinsdale86.org Mathematics South
    SIROVATKA HEDDI hsirovat@hinsdale86.org 6304684431 Mathematics South
    STURGEON STEPHANIE ssturgeo@hinsdale86.org 6304684434 Mathematics South
    WILAND KEVIN kwiland@hinsdale86.org 6305708608 Mathematics South
    WILSON KIMBERLY kwilson@hinsdale86.org 6304684332 Mathematics South