• Strategic Plan Goal 5: Resources

    On Nov. 25, 2019, Josh Stephenson, who is the district’s chief financial officer and the champion for Goal 5 of the strategic plan, provided the board with a brief update on the status of his team's efforts to date. This update included information about the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) the team will use to measure and assess progress on its goal, which is to ensure that financial, facility and technological resources align with the district's goals, strategies and core values. These KPIs include:

    • Fund balance to revenue ratio
    • Days of cash on hand
    • Actual versus budgeted expenditures
    • Instructional expenditures per pupil
    • Operational expenditures per pupil
    • A long-range capital replacement plan

    Stephenson also shared information about what the team has already done and/or will be doing to advance its four strategies, including:

    • Strategy 12 (Budget Alignment) - initial meeting and data collection; planning next steps
    • Strategy 13 (Classroom Design)
          1. What has been done - completed site visits during the fall of 2019; determined there will be 11 pilot classrooms during the summer of 2020; included the renovation plan in the Phase I work
          2. Next steps - hold a furniture showcase during second semester; schedule remaining classrooms; get feedback on the pilot
    • Strategy 14 (Accessibility and Life Safety)
          1. What has been done - established ADA priorities; worked with end user groups; determined phasing for life safety projects
          2. Next steps - determine final allocation of ADA funds; track/report completion of life safety projects
    • Strategy 15 (Capital Replacement Plan) - work to build a repository of capital assets; determine how to store/track assets; determine the appropriate funding level for keeping pace with capital asset replacement