Hinsdale Central High School


    Social Work Department 



    The Social Work Department is the cornerstone of the intervention process.  We receive referrals from teachers and other school personnel as well as parents and students.  The referrals help us identify students who are struggling socially, emotionally, and/or academically.  We offer numerous services including:
    -  individual and group counseling
       (group offerings vary based on student interest)
    -  support counseling
    -  crisis intervention
    -  consultation to teachers and administrators
    -  assessments
    -  classroom presentations
    Through the above services we deal with:
    -  depression
    -  behavior changes
    -  substance abuse
    -  parent conflict
    -  stress
    -  alienation
    -  attendance problems
    -  drop in grades
    -  teacher/student conflict
    -  loneliness
    -  grief and loss
    -  trauma
    -  behavior management
    -  crisis situations
    By acting as a liaison for parents, we can also provide referral resources for students who need outside counseling as well. If you are concerned about your son or daughter’s behavior or social-emotional issues, please contact the social work department.

  • Contact Information

    Fax # (630) 920-0837


     Linda Bronsteader

    Administrative Assistant


    (630) 570-8571


     Maggie Buoy

    Maggie Buoy


     (630) 570-8572


    Jennifer Cave, School Social Worker                                                                                                                                

    Jennifer Cave                                                                                                                    



    (630) 570-8255                                                                                                                        

    Sponsor: Operation Snowball                                                                                                                                        


     Allison Fish, School Social Worker

    Allison Fish 


    (630) 570-8575 

     Coach: JV Tennis 


    Ilyssa Hoffman, School Social Worker

    Ilyssa Hoffman, LSW



    (630) 570-8574

    Coach: JV Cheerleading (Winter Season)


     Peter Hutcheon

    Peter Hutcheon


    (630) 570-8610



     Jim Kupres, School Social Worker        

    Jim Kupres                


    (630) 570-8576

    Coach: Assistant Boys Cross Country

    Sponsor: Peer Leadership & Snowflake Program