• 1:1 Initiative Overview

    This change in approach to learning and instruction was made in an attempt to provide both teachers and students in District 86 with the tools needed to achieve two things:

    • An excellent high school education
    • The skills necessary to be future leaders

    Research continues to indicate that consistent, thoughtful implementation of technology in the classroom leads to not only improved learning outcomes, but significantly increases the engagement of students in the learning process.

    Technology, while an important instructional tool, does not itself drive the instruction in District 86; rather, it is simply another tool available to students and teachers to help them achieve these goals. In many cases, there may be non-technology-based tools that are more appropriate. As with any tool, each teacher is given the freedom to choose the most appropriate tool for the instructional outcome they hope to achieve.

    Teachers have, and will continue to, receive staff development on best practices for using the devices and electronic resources with their students and those unique features will be taught to students as well.

    1:1 Initiative Timeline

    • During the 2016-2017 academic year, over 2,000 Chromebooks will be deployed as sets of classroom devices.
      • These devices will be placed into classrooms at both Hinsdale Central and South to allow teachers in all major content areas to continue to determine best practices in the 1:1 environment.
      • Each classroom teacher participating in this "1:1 curricular pilot" has received professional development and summer curriculum development time in order to thoughtfully incorporate the Chromebook devices into their curriculum.
      • This professional development will continue throughout the 2016-2017 school year.
    • Additionally, teachers not participating in the 2016 Summer professional development opportunities will participate in 1:1 Instructional Professional Development during both the 2016-2017 school year as well as the summer of 2017 

    • During the 2017-2018 academic year, District 86 will achieve full 1:1 computing status, with each student receiving a Chromebook for use both at school and at home. 
    • All students and parents must sign the Acceptable Use Policy and the Device Agreement Form prior to receiving the Chromebook.
    • Forms:

      • Acceptable Use Policy
      • Device Agreement Form
      • Media Consent Form

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